Founded by C.E.O. and Instructor/Trainer Jamel LAMAR in fall, 2015. He realized THAT there was a demand for a new fun way to get FIT! Infusing cardio, hip hop dance, and weight training into a hot, new, simple workout, he then created TOP SECRET DANCE FITNESS! Surpassing one million views in the first year, with over 300 clients, it is his duty to make sure that you leave with the best workout POSSIBLE! People ask why the name TOP SECRET? Well, here our mission is to make sure you are part of a private, exclusive, one of a kind, non judge-mental training, in which you can walk away restored, rejuvenated, sexy, and strong! Positive energy circulates throughout these 4 walls; penetrating the mind, body, and soul.  The only way you can find out the secret is to join this positive dance movement!